Professional Team PSP


Hugo Felipe (Teacher  Felipe)

-Director of the PSP Group -Think Always Positive (;

-Master Trainer Licensed Internationally by Leaderart Training & Consulting – Canada;

-Teacher and member of the Brazilian Society of Functional Neurometria S.B.N.F.;

-Personal & Professional Coaching;

-Master Practitioner in PNL – Neurolinguistic Programing;

-Hypnotherapist: (Hypnosis: clinical, Lethargic, fast and Super-fast to trauma and Phobias, for non smoking);

-EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques;

-Effective Reading, memorization, emotional intelligence, motivation, concentration and study Techniques;

-Consulting and Trainer in Sales and Marketing;

- Consulting and Trainer in Digital Marketing;

-Trainer in effective communication and body language;

-Former Director in charge of the Department of Psychometrics at the school of hypnosis Matthew Grow;

-Teacher, Lecturer and Co-author of the books : "Multiple Intelligences", "Better Communication",

"Coaching" and "Coaching Solutions”.


Antonio Silva Aesnar (Radio Announcer) - MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGES-Speaker Antonio Aesnar - Click Here

-Creator of Web radio emotion LOOSE in the AIR, located in the city of São Bernardo do Campo;

-Motivational & Professional Speaker;

-More than 20 years taking joy so contagious with your life story;



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